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Asylum Fellowship

Asylum exists to bring the love and acceptance of Christ to people from the various underground subcultures in London.
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The Boaz Project

The Boaz Project.
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Glorious Undead

Glorious Undead in London.
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The Bridge

The Bridge is a socially active, creative and diverse group of people who come together to express love for God and for others. They feel compelled to live out the revolutionary commands of Jesus to love God with all your heart, mind, and soul and to love your neighbour as you love yourself. The Bridge is a community of God that exists to connect with the subcultures, the forgotten, and those who have given up on church with the good news of Jesus in all of its forms.
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Jesus Freaks

Jesus Freaks started in 1991 with 4 guys in a Hamburg living room. 1995 was the year it really took off and the first training meeting was called Freakstock. That small seminar became a Christian Festival and those 4 guys on couches became 80 churches.
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Steiger International

Steiger International is dedicated to going to secular young people, leading them into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and helping them fulfill Gods calling for their lives.
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Creative Pool

Creative Pool in Lausanne, Switzerland.
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Sub Church

SubChurch is a church located at a place that used to be a nightclub in downtown Oslo Rock City.
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Black Friday

Black Friday in Seattle.

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