The Underground Ministry Handbook

This is the Handbook on Underground Ministry. It is a selection of articles related to the kinds of ministry that are done by those involved with the Underground Railroad. Each article is written by a leader of or person involved with one of the specific ministries.

There are many different theological and philosophical perspectives that are represented in this handbook, and yet a unity that transcends all of them.

Since the information contained in this handbook is distributed freely, we want to allow you to download the handbook if you should so desire. To that end, here is a PDF of the Underground Ministry Handbook for you to download. Be aware that it is 100 pages if you desire to print it.

To return to the main site of the Underground Railroad, you can click on the logo at the top of the page. If you did not reach this section from there, we encourage you to visit it and learn about the different ministries. Thank you.

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