About The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad is not a ministry in itself, but a Coalition of Underground Ministries, whose primary goal is as a network to more effectively minister to the very transient underground sub-culture in the many different cities across Canada, Europe, the US, and beyond.

A side benefit is mutual encouragement and learning from one another. Since our focus is around ministry to a certain group of people, we do not have a common theological position.

Our attitude is: In the essentials: unity, In all the rest: Grace and love.

Members of the U R

Those who have joined in our travels.
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How we seek to help and be helped by the underground.
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Theology for the Underground

Critically chasing after the heart of God...
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The Source

Source, founded in 1987, is a faith based non-profit organization that reaches out to young people who are alienated and disenfranchised.

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