The Arts

The underground, since it began, has been founded on things like creativity, authenticity, and originality. In keeping with this foundation, the arts, whether visual arts, music, literary arts, or even fashion, have consistently remained a core way of expression for these individuals.

Art is able to express, and at the same time change, its creator and the culture as a whole. We in the Underground Railroad are blessed with many great artists of all kinds, and seek to use these gifts.

Art is the language of the new revolution
It penetrates culture in the most significant ways
Poetry, sculpture, music, drama, paintings
and other expressions are the tools of transformation.

Art floats like incense
between the cracks of the human spirit
It touches the wounded and broken
- Steve M,


"After silence, that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible is music."
- Kohllapse
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Visual arts

Art can, and should, lead willing humanity to the spiritual realm. We seek to create this kind of art.
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We are all storytellers. We seek to tell our stories, and to hear those of others.
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