Underground Railroad Road Trips

The Underground Railroad has the blessing of being in a wide variety of places, and that gives us the opportunity to visit.

Road trips like these are a perfect way to learn about is happening in the underground in other cities than our own, and also in other styles of ministry than our own.

In this way, our diversity becomes a great strength.

Underground Ministry Road Trips

Trevor and Richard - Summer, 1996

In the summer of 1996, Richard Wiles (Black Friday) and myself (Trevor) decided it would be cool to visit a bunch of the ministries on the UR on our way out to C-stone. So we planned a 2 week road trip.
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Melanie's UR Roadtrip - 1997

Wondering about the Underground Railroad Coalition? Looking to add adventure to your life? Let me personally recommend to you a road trip or train ride.
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