Cornerstone Festival 2007 - Underground & Alternative Ministry Tent

Dancing with Skinheads & Other Bible Study Topics

For years David Pierce and his band NO LONGER MUSIC have gone into some of the most revolutionary, and often dangerous, underground communities in the world to reach people for Jesus.

Being "in," but Not "of" the World: Homeless Youth, the Arts, & Discipleship

Part of Christ's last prayer before his arrest was that his followers would be effective through "unity" and "being in, but not of the world." Homeless Youth and the Arts have little Christian presence, physical needs, and high skepticism. Many times those who desire to impact the culture end up being "sucked into" the culture. Source: a missional community that includes Homeless Ministry, Fallout Urban Art Center and Art CO-OP, and Urban Community / Discipleship Homes has equipped hundreds since '95.

How to Reach the "Unreachables"

Cornerstone is a gathering of frontline ministries from around the U.S. whose purpose is to show how to do outreach to several groups of seemingly unreachables, from bikers to witches, Native Americans to rainbows. A number of speakers will share how they do it from the streets to the woods to even the concert venues to suburban youth.

Speaking Truth to Power through Community, Music, & the Arts

How Christianity must embrace and act on living as community and then bring community into the larger society in the struggle against injustice, using activism and the arts.

Underground & Alternative Worship

As Pastor Trevor has traveled around and visited many different Underground and Alternative Ministries, he noticed that likewise there were a number of new forms of worship emerging. This seminar will explore these new forms and how they relate to the key subcultures that these ministries are reaching out to. He will also share insights from when he led the worship time at the "Global Underground and Emerging Ministries Roundtable" last summer in Germany.

The Theology of the Rose

Following the man who went about everywhere doing good into the postmodern future, and the convergence of the missional, emergent, Kingdom, and Ancient future streams of the church. For the past fourteen years Brad and his wife Mary have pastored an alternative faith community: Refuge, Ontario.

Building an Empire vs. Building the Kingdom

Pastor Bob gives a candid look at his 30-year history with underground ministry. His soul-searching honesty for what he has learned through his own successes and failures lay a foundation for the emerging church internationally.

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