Types of Underground Ministries

As a whole, underground ministry can take a variety of different shapes. This is not specifically very different from the other sections in this Handbook, as it does not deal with a specific part of ministry

Though at times these articles will touch on specific issues, for the most part they are written to give a broad understanding of the shape that underground ministries can take. However, it is important to note that these shapes are not the only shapes that are possible.

Innovation and creativity are powerful tools in the underground as a whole and in underground ministry in particular. Always use them.

Post Modern Church: Are We There Yet?

A deep ecclesiology, from what I have seen, is still around the corner. Postmodernity has influenecd many changes, but many more are still ahead of us.
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Planting an Underground Church

Language paints pictures. It is powerful. We can create barriers or remove them by the use of a word. A little experiment I always enjoy conducting goes like this: What does the word church bring to mind?
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Alternative Worship

The baby boomers made worship relevant. Gen-Xers made it authentic. The next big shift could make worship non-linear, multisensory and art-driven.
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Underground Worship

As I have visited many different Underground Ministries, I have noticed likewise a number of different styles of Underground worship emerging.
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The Internet is the next frontier of evangelism. The Internet presents exciting, new opportunities and challenges.
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Discipleship Experiences and Environments

This article is not so much about the importance of discipleship but the need to begin to see effective discipleship happen with new commitments in the alternative scene.
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Church in a Hamburg Hip Hop Night Club

Jesus Freaks (Germany) got started in 1992 when two or three people met in a small living room in Hamburg. There was one uniting thing: They were enthusiastic about Jesus.
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