Ministering to Specific Subcultures

Various subcultures in the Underground have specific characteristics, and many of these are relevant to the way things are viewed, from spirituality to politics to music.

While lines between cultures are blurry or non-exisitent, and there is often overlap, it can be beneficial to understand tendencies.

These articles will discuss some of these tendencies, and how they are relevant to ministry.

Ministering To Goths

I believe that the Christian gothic/industrial community has been called for such times as these. Who else is more prepared to deal with dark days and painful times? You are a tribe of poet/priests and poet/warriors called to fight the darkness you know so well.
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Can A Christian Be Gothic?

Now I am a Shadow Dweller, lurking with a candle, holding it out to others, sharing the light and the love of God to those who are also living in the shadows...
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Retro Hippies or Nomadic Travelers

One day, about a decade ago, God drew our attention to a counterculture group of people: traveling hippies from around the world, whom we call "Global Nomadic Youth", people who are not fooled by money or the status quo or most of the comforts of life.
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Punk / Hardcore

Hello there! My name is Tessa Rhyne and I am a follower of Jesus. I consider myself a punk rocker, but my identity is first and foremost child of God. I wrote this to give you a little bit of insight into the punk culture as I see it.
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A Brief History of Punk

As those who claim to follow the Christ of non-conformity and of the oppressed, Punk has much to offer. Issachar, in the Old Testament, told the children of Israel, to know the times in which they lived.
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Gothic / Industrial / Metal-heads

Asylum has been in existence for over 10 years and in that time we have learned many things. But I would say that out of all we've learned three things stand out to me in particular.
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Raves began around a counterculture movement that gathered around music that was not accepted by the mainstream. The early days of Raving parties took on their own distinct look and personality.
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