Methods of Outreach

Here, specific ways of reaching out to underground subcultures are explored. Obviously, the whole handbook deals with methods of outreach, but these articles deal more in depth with specific ones. It must be remembered that these are only some methods. All methods of any kind of ministry cannot possibly be addressed in something as small as this handbook.

Starting a Coffeehouse Outreach

Hanging on the wall under a lamp near the front of our coffeeshop we have a picture of a group of circus freaks. It's a photo from the 1940s film "Freaks" and in this movie the circus freaks sing, "You're accepted, you're accepted."
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Bringing in Bands

When considering bringing in bands to your ministry, there are several questions that should be answered, and principles that should be thought about.
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Redefining Street Ministry For The Emerging Generation

I had ended up in the streets of the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco where I encountered a crazy new life that was completely different from anything that I had ever experienced before...
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Living on the Street

I left Atlanta, GA at the end of September 1996 to answer a call that God has had on my heart for the past ten years, to reach the alternative culture and street kids in Seattle, WA. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.
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Max Life House Parties

The Creative Pool runs a bi-monthly, invitation only party called the "Max Life Party." These parties endeavor to bridge the relational gap between Christians and non-Christians in their region.
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Reaching Out in a Party Area

Being a Christian in a party city and committing yourself to that city is sort of like parachuting into a war zone of the world and extending the welcome mat of God's love and sacrifice to the door of every heart and home.
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Reaching Out Through Underground Music

I believe the only source of really raw creation the Holy Spirit is interested in is coming out of the church - and that'll come out of the church losing its inhibitions towards the things of the Spirit, not out of educating itself in culture.
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Performance Art

Art is always communication. Yes, but I don't always have to know what I'm saying.
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Reaching Out Through Film

Christianity and the cinema have had a long relationship dating back to the very beginnings of cinema. The cinema can be a beautiful means of glorifying God and of carrying out the Lord's work in society.
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Underground Moms

God has always allowed a special bond between mothers and their children. It is not like any other relationship in the world!
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Feeding the Poor

Feeding the poor is an essential part of underground ministry. How do these work together?
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Dealing With the Spiritual Darkness in the Sub-cultures

One of the crucial areas that we have discovered in ministering to the sub-culture is learning how to set them free, from the major strongholds and bondages that continue to pull them down and trip them up.
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