Introductory Articles

Our introductory articles can give you a broad understanding of Underground culture. This can help you to see how ministry occurs in these areas, and why it is by nature, different.

It also raises many of the issues that in some ways will be dealt with in later sections, but its main importance lies in presenting the philosophies that drive these subcultures and the most effective philosophies that drive ministry to them.

Ministering to Underground Subcultures

The underground may not seem open to Christianity, but they are open to Jesus. A great potential exists in these subcultures.
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Understanding the Different Subcultures

Making sense of today's subcultures can be overwhelming. It was certainly a challenge for me when I moved my family to the corner of Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco.
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Identity Issues in Underground Subcultures

I know it is common for Christians to say, "Put your identity in Christ and not in the world," but I think the truth is that, to some degree our identity is always in both.
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Being In But Not Of: Effective Alternative Ministry

A true key to effective alternative ministry, given to us (John ch. 17) by Jesus when he prayed in Gethsemane in his last moments before taken to be crucified is for us to be "In but not of the world".
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Worldview, Philosophy, and Anti-globalization

In discussing outreach to the disenfranchised, the rejected, the counterculture, or whatever you might call it, why is it important to understand and have a philosophy or worldview? What is the philosophy or worldview, of the rejected and disenfranchised?
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