Worldview, Philosophy, and Anti-globalization

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Philosophy and Worldview

In discussing outreach to the disenfranchised, the rejected, the counterculture, or whatever you might call it, why is it important to understand and have a philosophy or worldview? What is the philosophy or worldview, of the rejected and disenfranchised?

These issues are important if we are to effectively relate to and reach out to these various subcultures. But, more importantly the heart of Jesus is with the Rejected and disenfranchised. Furthermore, much of the worldview of these groups is closer to the truth of Christianity, than mainstream Christianity in the West, especially in the United States.

We are going to briefly develop two aspects. One, what is the philosophy/worldview of the rejected and disenfranchised? Secondly, what should the philosophy/worldview be of Christians, especially in relation to outreach?

These ideas are by no means comprehensive or exclusive. They are merely attempts to try to clarify the various worldviews and how we should relate to them as followers of Christ.

Much talk has been made regarding the growing anti-globalization movement and the growth of grass roots, people driven movements. These movements run counter to the established mainstream methods of resistance to injustice.

Many of those involved are from the counterculture; Peace Punks, Anarchists, and Neohippies. Thus, it is imperative that we as followers of Christ reach out to this group and beyond that, that we address these issues as well. How we deal with issues of poverty, racism, sexism, loss of liberties and respecting other cultures, in my opinion is at the forefront of what it means to be a believer.


I believe we have much in common with the anti-globalization movement. This movement seeks to empower the poor, so does Jesus. They seek to prevent wealth and power from controlling the world, the kingdom of God is about this as well. They seek to prevent the loss of autonomy and diversity; likewise, Jesus doesn't want to take away our individuality.

This movement also seeks to encourage an organic collectivity of society, and isn't that what the Church is supposed to be doing? Finally, they seek to end the attempt of creating a one world economy and government and are against greed, this is also consistent with the kingdom of God.

In conclusion, we must not only be involved with these people and movements, but also help them to see that a number of their values line up with Kingdom values, when Jesus is at the center.

Now this certainly is by no means an exhaustive look at these issues, but merely an introduction. For further reading, look at these books, websites and scriptures:


  • "Globalize This"
  • "Stupid White Men"
  • "People's History of the United States"
  • "When Corporations ruled the world"
  • "The Presence of the Kingdom"
  • "Anarchy and Christianity"
  • "Mustard Seed VS McWorld"



  • Isaiah 10:1
  • Proverbs
  • Matthew 5-7
  • James 2

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