Bringing in Bands

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Concert Promotion

  • Biblical Philosophy - Jesus' Parables; I Cor. 9
  • Why learn how to promote?
    • To be effective
    • To do it well
    • To not look like you don't know what you are doing
    • To have bands work with you
    • To diminish financial loss
Who do you promote?
Local secular that respect your views
National secular that respect your views
Local/Regional Christian that aren't 'preachy'
National Christian bands that aren't 'preachy'
Bands that understand your ministry and support you
Bands that are relevant to the group you are trying to reach
Bands with artistic integrity
Christian Bands that are accountable
Christian Bands that want to talk with the kids and not just leave.
Where do you have the shows?
Your neutral venue
Secular venues
Halls & Schools
When do you hold shows?
How do you promote?
Neutral flyers (don't say 'Christian Punk') indie vs. professional (flyers can be done both ways)
Personal list
Internet listings for your area ie. Punk websites, band sites etc
Fax to free listings
On radio, especially college community stations
Zines and music mags
Flyers of Music, CD Stores
Alternative clothing stores (Hot Topic)
Flyers at schools and colleges
Hand out flyers at secular shows
Youth pastors
Christian rock radio

Philosophy of using secular or general market bands?

  • (not for everyone, unless you are called to)
  • Good art vs. Bad art
  • Being witness to secular band
  • Have Christian band share stage with secular band
  • Good and relevant literature table
  • Staff examples
  • Secular band guidelines
  • Don't dis Jesus
  • Not racist, or sexist
  • No drugs or alcohol

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