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God has always allowed a special bond between mothers and their children. It is not like any other relationship in the world! At the very end of his life, even Jesus, in the torment and the weight of the sins of the world, took some of His last breaths to assure His mother was cared for.

Regardless of the fact that most moms spend the first few years of Motherhood in a state of fear and fatigue; the next few years saying “No” or “don't put your fingers in there”; at least a half dozen years trying to convince you that school really is fun; another half dozen years praying that you'll make it through High School AND if you do, that you will choose a post secondary education that is “Not too far away, dear”, so they can do your weekly laundry; which they actually complained about before.

Laundry and food are often the last leverages a mother has to attract these grown up critters that used to cry if she didn't let them into the bathroom with her. After all is said and done, regardless of your choices and your deeds, Mom is the one who always defends you to others, saying; “It is just another stage... it too will pass.”

Regardless of the usual relationship patterns in a family, sometimes the enemy sticks his hands in to foul the relationships and causes the breaking of these natural and God-driven bonds between Mother and child. Sometimes it is a matter of another person, who perhaps has a controlling relationship with Mom (could be Dad, Grandma, boyfriend, booze) that destroys the nurturing bond that should be there.

Whatever the reason, the result is the same. This child, whether 4 or 40, needs unconditional love, nurturing, hugs, respect, support AND food and laundry services. This is how one “Mom” can help to save a generation of lost souls --- just do Mom stuff. Don't misunderstand; this is not a simple thing. This is a ministry with oceans of tears, gallons of prayer, eons of time and good old physical service. So far, the “warring angels” haven't taken to making dinner or doing the wash so Mom's still the Queen of physical sacrifices.

In cities all over the world, Moms are answering God's call. Some of these moms have no church to help fund their work, some have never had children of their own and some appear to be in as much need as those they serve. One of my favourite Moms is "Mom Agape" in Vancouver, Canada. She is severely disabled, on a meager disability pension and needs a scooter, as she is unable to walk.

But this incredible servant goes out seven nights a week, often alone and very late at night, to the streets of Vancouver where the poorest and most disadvantaged people exist. She often has wagons hooked on to the back of her scooter, kind of like the “gravy train” as she unloads food and hygiene supplies, vitamins, fresh fruit and medicine to her street family.

Some of the faces are the same that she kissed, prayed for and fed the night before. Some are new faces she has never seen and some are answers to her prayers. Her blessings. The fruit of her kindness. Some are kids who have returned to Vancouver to thank her for helping them; some to share how they finally came face to face with Jesus, and some to say they blew it again and need her more than ever. Is this an angel in disguise? She could be... but then again, she says she's “just a Mom”!

Police and Politicians who tell her to stop helping these street kids, “or we'll never get rid of them” persecute Mom Agape. But she persists; I guess there really is no law against being a mom.

I am a Nurse and a Pastor. These are both aspects of my vehicles of service to young and disadvantaged people. I do whatever I hear the Father tell me to do, which usually involves nurturing and mothering an unloved generation. A ministering mom is not something you do; it is something you are. No matter where you go, or in what capacity, the 'Mom' part just sneaks out and takes over.

For the past 12 years I have been a nurse to prisoners in federal correction facilities in Canada. Many are young; most have never known real love and all are in need of some kind of “medicine”. Sometimes a kind word, a smile and a respectful attitude are the beginning of healing for these people. It is not my skills as a nurse that give the most healing, it is the love I carry in my heart for them - love created by the Father himself.

If your city has a “Mom”, bless her and see if she needs a hand. She reaches more people with God's true gospel than all the street preachers combined. Pray for her or them... some cities are blessed with many “Moms”. Give her words of encouragement to help numb the pain of the rejection these servants often face. They must be extremely powerful in their spiritual duty, or the enemy would not try so hard to silence, cripple or discourage the street Moms of this world. God Bless them all.

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